Hello everyone, 

I am Keshav Dhandhania. I represented India @ IOI in 2009 and 2010. Some past IOI participants and coaches (Malvika Raj Joshi, Arjun Arul, Pushkar Mishra, Akashnil Datta, Labib Rashid, I, and more) have started a community geared towards school students who are interested in IOI. The community is available here: https://goo.gl/usprVx

Our goal is to create a global community where students from all countries come to discuss their queries and help each other. Currently, there are students from India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Brazil, and Indonesia using the community, in varying numbers. There are also a few students each from a dozen different countries. 

Features of the community include :- 
- Community is IOI specific. It is focused on school students, and focus is on IOI-style problems, which is different from TopCoder, Codeforces, SPOJ, etc etc 
- It is easy to add country specific material, such as selection process description ( samples: https://goo.gl/EdaUlm )
- Easy to add country specific problems from selection rounds (samples: India https://goo.gl/M2AVcw , Canada https://goo.gl/zOLwbu , Bangladesh https://goo.gl/72iIi2 ) 
- Beginner algorithm tutorials ( 8 of them so far, link: https://goo.gl/lYrNFa ), and more can be added by anyone
- About 45 problems (20 beginner, 15 intermediate, 10 advanced) and counting ( again, can be added by anyone ) 
- 30 (out of the 45 problems) have hint by hint solutions. Hint by hint solutions help students to get unstuck, but not read the full solution. They read a small hint and go back to problem solving. Samples https://goo.gl/pK6Gnj https://goo.gl/OGkWMG https://goo.gl/Vw3UWc https://goo.gl/FJk5b9 

I hope that you and students from your country will find the resource helpful, please share the community with your students. If you maintain a IOI related website, I also request you write about the community on your website so that more students hear about it. 

If you have any questions, feel free to respond to this email. You can also reach me at https://www.facebook.com/keshav.57 if you prefer instant messaging. 
Warm regards, community admins