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TOKI Open 2018
May 1, 2018

After we successfully organized TOKI Open 2014 and TOKI Open 2017 we will open our current IOI Selection Contest to international participants called TOKI Open 2018. TOKI stands for Tim Olimpiade Komputer Indonesia, or Indonesian Computing Olympiad Team in English.

Objectives of us opening this contest include, but not limited to:

  • Measure the performance of our IOI trainee compared to other countries' IOI trainee.
  • Foster friendship between Indonesia and other IOI participating countries.
  • Test Indonesia's scientific committee capability in setting IOI-level problems.
  • Test Indonesia's technical committee capability in hosting IOI-level contests.

The contest will have very similar rules and format with IOI, as this contest will be used to select our Top 4 and train our Top 4 for IOI. We expect that the difficulty of the contest is almost the same as IOI. Therefore, this contest is suitable for those who are preparing for IOI. The problems will be available in both Bahasa Indonesia and English.

The contest will be conducted on TLX Online Judge. You may need to register for a TLX Account if you do not have one. If you have a TLX account, you can login and go to the contest link to register for the contest. There will be two competition days, each having three problems. Each competition day will have two open windows containing the same problemset, so you can participate in either one of the window depending your time preference.

  • Day 1: Saturday, 26 May 2018
    • Window 1: 1.30AM — 6.30AM UTC (8.30AM — 1.30PM Western Indonesian Time). Contest Link.
    • Window 2: 12.00PM — 5.00PM UTC (7.00PM — 12.00AM Western Indonesian Time). Contest Link.
  • Day 2: Monday, 28 May 2018 (or Tuesday, 29 May 2018. The day of the second competition day is not finalized yet due to administrative issues.)
    • Window 1: 1.30AM — 6.30AM UTC (8.30AM — 1.30PM Western Indonesian Time). Contest Link.
    • Window 2: 12.00PM — 5.00PM UTC (7.00PM — 12.00AM Western Indonesian Time). Contest Link.

IMPORTANT: You are not allowed to register on both windows for the same competition day, since they will have the same problemset. If you have registered on a wrong window, you can go to the contest link to unregister.

We invite everyone (especially eligible IOI participants) to participate in this contest. If you are a delegation leader of a country, we invite you to invite your students to participate in this contest (maybe to include this competition in your official training programme) :).

See you at the leaderboard.

PS: Information about this contest is also published on Codeforces, which actually covers more detail about this contest (including rules, practice contest URL, and so on). We will use the post in Codeforces for updates as well. Stay tuned! :)

Ammar Fathin Sabili
Software Engineer | Sea (Garena) Singapore

Invitations to the IOI2018
April 18, 2018

Dear colleagues,

JTB Communication Design Inc. (JCD) will be sending out Invitation letters for IOI 2018 JAPAN, which will be held in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan from September 1st to September 8th, to the leaders of IOI 2017 and the emails listed on the IOI member list.

The registration system for IOI 2018 JAPAN will be open from May 15th to June 15th.

If there needs to be a change/update to the recipient's email address and/or to the invitation letter, for example, recipient's name, please contact For all other matters, please contact


Seiichi Tani
Executive Director of the Japanese Committee for the IOI
IC (International Committee for the IOI) member from Japan, IOI 2018 Host

Eurasian International School for Informatics “Junior” (ISIJ)
April 4, 2018

Dear friends, dear team leaders!

Kazan Federal University, the venue of IOI 2016, and the leader of the Russian team – Vladimir Kiryukhin - invite you to take part in the annual Eurasian International School for Informatics “Junior” (ISIJ) in 2018 from June 24 to July 3 in city Kazan IT-Lyceum of the University.

ISIJ is held to prepare juniors for participation in international competitions in computer science. Kazan Federal University prepared additional seminars for juniors in its innovative laboratories: planetarium, medical computer center, media-studio of historical reconstructions. IT companies will hold workshops for participants and competitions. The participants of ISIJ are students invited from Europe and Asia - the leaders of national Olympiads in computer science. Participants must be no older than 15 years at 31 December 2018. The team composition is formed by a country and includes 2-6 students and one coach, who participates in the training camp as a member of the International Coaching Council.

Full text of invitation as PDF:

The Executive Director of the ISIJ –
Iurii Dedenev

March 28, 2018

Dear all,
following the discussions at our last GA meeting and the decisions of IC, IC is opening the first call for projects, for which up to 8000 euro are allocated.

The deadline for the proposals is 26.04.2018.

Anything that helps the IOI goals in the longer term can be proposed as a project. (Examples might include: building and spreading the community, keeping the community active during the year, spreading the ideas of IOI, or making the IOI smoother.)

The complete call as PDF: Please consider to apply.

Best regards,
Mile Jovanov, member of the IOI IC

October 23, 2017

Dear IOI Colleagues,

Good news: the volumes 11th (both books) are already accepted in Scopus, the all 30 papers!

We need more people in the Editorial Board and Reviewers, please suggest yourself or ask your colleagues if they are interested in the journal. We really need more academic persons to work with the IOI journal papers.

Also, I would like to inform you that it is time to write papers to the next year volume of "Olympiads in Informatics". It's quality depends on all of us. Please think, investigate and submit papers.
Also, if you know somebody from your colleagues (especially earlier years participants) who can submit an interesting paper let me know. I remind that we can publish few good papers without participation in IOI. So we are flexible.

Call for Papers


The 12th conference will be held concurrently with the 2018 International Olympiad in Informatics, taking place in Tsukuba, Japan, September 1 - 8. The IOI conference considers covers national and international informatics contests, and offers an opportunity to bring together the collected knowledge and experiences from many events which currently take place across the globe.

Please submit your proposals (title and short abstracts, few sentences) for papers until end of January to Valentina Dagiene. The full papers are to be submitted by end of March 2018. We need time for reviewing.

If you would like to read papers from the previous IOI conferences you can find them on the IOI website.

IMPORTANT. As previous years, the papers will be divided into two groups: research papers and country reports. Please, inform me who is going to submit national reports as well.
For research papers - 8-18 pages,
For national reports - 4-8 pages.

Additional interesting information for IOI community would be good as well: review of books, presenting an interesting task or explanation solution, describing programming games, etc. Be creative to suggest new interesting items!

If you need more information do not hesitate to send me emails.

I am very thankful for your interest and helping me to find authors.

Best regards,
Valentina Dagiene