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Tasks at Kyrgyzstani Olympiads in Informatics: Experience and Proposals


aInternational University of Kyrgyzstan A. Sydykov str., 252, Apt. 10, Bishkek, 720001 Kyrgyzstan E-mail: pps50ster@gmail.com, pps50@rambler.ru

bMinistry of Education and Science of Kyrgyzstan Vostok 5, 14/2, Apt. 3, Bishkek, 720065 Kyrgyzstan E-mail: toruskulov@mail.ru


Many of tasks proposed at Olympiads in Informatics (OI) mean ``images'' in any sense but in most cases they do not appear evidently. At each OI in Kyrgyzstan, one task is given to present any graphical image, either in text mode or in graphical mode. Such tasks meet the Statute S1.7 of the IOI Regulations ``to bring the discipline of Informatics to the attention of young people'', make OIs more attractive for sponsors, can reflect state and national features. Ways to generate and to score such tasks and presentation of some tasks at the Conference is supposed. The history and content of OIs and teaching Informatics in Kyrgyzstan are also described.


olympiads in Informatics, Kyrgyzstan, history, graphics

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