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The Modern Contents of the Russian National Olympiads in Informatics


Moscow Physical Engineering Institute (State University) 31 Kashirskoe Shosse, Moscow 115409, Russian Federation E-mail: vkiryukhin@nmg.ru


The Russian Olympiads in Informatics (RusOI) had begun in 1988 a year before The International Olympiads in Informatics (IOI) started. Since the first Olympiad the most important issue was to build up understanding of the RusOI contents in particular for students of secondary school. This paper describes main stages of development of the RusOI contents, connecting it with requirements to studying informatics at secondary schools and the modern RusOI contents, allowing to select talented young people in the country and to create for them the necessary conditions for their further development in the field of computer science.


computer science, secondary school education, olympiads in informatics, contents of the olympiads, competition tasks

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