OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS, 2009, Vol. 3, 80-100
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Team Competition in Mathematics and Informatics ``Ugale'' - Finding New Task Types


Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia 29 Raina Boulevard, Riga, LV-1459, Latvia E-mail: martins.opmanis@lumii.lv


Existing olympiads in mathematics and informatics are fixed form competitions for individuals with quite stable lists of task types. Outside the scope of these competitions falls a lot of interesting and challenging tasks like puzzles, games, logic tasks, and practical tasks outside the classroom. Team competitions offer a new dimension in a task solving process where successful collaboration between team members is one of basic requirements for achieving high results. This paper describes an annual (since 1996) Latvian team competition in mathematics and informatics for high-school students called ``Ugale''. Classification of the main task types is given and representatives of these task groups are given. Suitability of different task types in different contests is discussed. The evolution of the form and content of the competition is described.


olympiads in informatics, team competition, classification of competition tasks, grading

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