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Mutual Influence of the National Educational Standard and Olympiad in Informatics Contents


Department of Informatics and Control Systems, National Research Nuclear University ''MEPhI'' Kashirskoe Shosse 31, 115409 Moscow, Russian Federation E-mail: vkiryukhin@nmg.ru, msvm@lianet.ru


The success of a contestant in the IOI certainly depends too much on the talent of the pupil, the qualification of her/his teachers and additional work with an individual coach. The success of a national team in the IOI however also substantially depends on the level of teaching of informatics at schools in the corresponding country. Strong basic education at regular schools could lead to programming competitions with more participants and allow the selecting of those pupils, who are able to storm the top ranked IOI positions. The goals and the content of the teaching in the Russian schools are defined by the State School Educational Standard (SSES). Taking it into account the teachers and the individual coaches should organize the preparation of students for both the National Olympiad in Informatics and the IOI. In the given article the influence of SSES on the Russian Olympiad in Informatics content is considered.


olympiads in informatics, IOI, secondary school education, state school educational standard, olympiads in informatics content, competition tasks content

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