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Learning Algorithms with Unified and Interactive Web-Based Visualization

Steven HALIM, Zi Chun KOH, Victor Bo Huai LOH, Felix HALIM

School of Computing, National University of Singapore Computing 1, 13 Computing Drive, 117417, Singapore E-mail: {dcssh, zichun, u0805026, felix.halim} @ nus.edu.sg


We present a unified and interactive web-based visualization of various classical and non-classical algorithms at


Our collection of algorithm visualizations has the following advantages over many other web-based algorithm visualizations in the Internet - (1) it has visualizations of various non-classical algorithms that currently cannot be found elsewhere in the Internet; (2) it is interactive; users (usually students) can enter their own input data to test the behavior of the algorithm; (3) it has a consistent user interface across different algorithm visualizations that are currently available; (4) it is built with HTML5 making it accessible on modern portable PCs including tablets and smartphones. User studies in two algorithm classes in NUS show that our visualizations is of immense help to some students who prefer to learn visually.


unified, interactive, algorithm, visualization

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