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FCL-STL, a Generics-Based Template Library for FreePascal

Vladimír BOZA, Michal FORISEK

Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia E-mail: {usama,misof}@ksp.sk


We present the design and usage of a new set of FreePascal units we created. These units aim to be the counterpart of the Standard Template Library in C++. The library is already included in the development branch of FreePascal (v. 2.7.1), and it should be a part of the stable branch (v. 2.6.?) at some point in future. Available data structures include vectors, sets, maps (both ordered and unordered) and more.

For many tasks used in past programming competitions there were C++ solutions that were significantly easier to implement than any Pascal solution. Problem setters usually needed to ensure that a reasonable Pascal solution exists. This library, once available, will mitigate the difference between the powers of these two languages.


FreePascal, templates, generic programming, algorithm library, STL

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