OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS, 2012, Vol. 6, 170-177
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Conducting Off-Line Informatics Olympiads with Individual Tasks


International University of Kyrgyzstan E-mail: noledi@yandex.ru


Conducting off-line olympiads is convenient and demands less resources than on-line olympiads. To prevent using results of other participants by a participant, we use individual generativity of tasks involving personal data. Also, uniqueness (all participants taking the test will obtain different versions of tasks) is provided. Winners obtain certificates related to their personal data only (not prizes), hence participants are not motivated to solve for others. On the base of experience of conducting such olympiads (including team olympiads with inverse tasks) in Kyrgyzstan since 2006, methods to develop tasks and pairs of inverse tasks, examples of tasks and instructions for organizing such competitions are proposed.


internet olympiads, off-line olympiads, individual tasks, team competitions

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