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EMAx: Software for C++ Source Code Analysis


Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius Rugjer Boshkovikj str. 16, Skopje, Macedonia E-mail: emil.stankov@finki.ukim.mk, mile.jovanov@finki.ukim.mk, aleksandar.bojchevski@gmail.com, ana.madevska.bogdanova@finki.ukim.mk


Source code analysis is the process of extracting information about a program from its source code. In this paper we discuss the need for source code analysis and we present our model for a system that represents source codes as a vector of attributes. We outline the main modules of the proposed system (the parser, the executor and the parameterization module), and provide the implementation details for each module. The system that is presented has been designed to be used as a tool that provides vector representations of program solutions further used in solving the problem of source code comparison. Also, the presented system can be easily adapted and used for similar problems. It offers a unique idea for source code representation, and allows fast production of such representations.


source code analysis, source code analysis tool, programming, program evaluation

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