OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS, 2016, Vol. 10, pp. 279 - 283
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ISSN 1822-7732

DOI: 10.15388/ioi.2016.20

The Informatics Olympiad in Mongolia: Training Resources for non-English Speaking Students

Altangerel KHUDER 1 , Danzan TSEDEVSUREN 2

1 School of Information, Communication Technology, Mongolian University of Science and Technology
2 School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Mongolian National University of Education
e-mail:khuder@must.edu.mn, tsedevsuren@msue.edu.mn


In this country report we present activities related to Mongolian team training for national and International Olympiads in Informatics. First we will outline the current conditions and problems Mongolian team is facing today. Then we describe possible solutions to those problems. At the end we will compare our achievements to our country report published in IOI conference in 2007. We hope this paper will be interesting for team leaders and teachers from non-English speaking countries.


information and communication technology, informatics education, informatics competitions, programming contests, Informatics Olympiad, Mongolia.

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