OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS, 2016, Vol. 10 (special issue), pp. 13 - 24
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ISSN 1822-7732

DOI: 10.15388/ioi.2016.special.03

Informatics at Russian Secondary School

Vladimir M. KIRYUKHIN 1 , Marina S. TSVETKOVA 2

1 Dept. of Informatics and Control Processes, National Research Nuclear University ”MEPhI” 31 Kashirskoe Shosse, Moscow 115409, Russian Federation
2 Academy of Improvement of Professional Skill and Professional Retraining of Educators 8 Golovinskoe Shosse, Moscow 125212, Russian Federation
e-mail: vkiryukh@gmail.com, vkiryukhin@mephi.ru, ms-tsv@mail.ru


“Informatics” as an academic subject imparts a culture of information science and algorithms on a student; the ability to format and structure information, knowledge and experience using a variety of methods of data representation in relation to a particular task (lists, graphs, arrays, tables, schemes, graphics, diagrams and hierarchical structures) and using relevant programs of data processing; the idea of a computer as a universal information-processing device; the idea of basic concepts which they study: information, algorithms, models, and their properties. It develops algorithmic thinking necessary for professional activity in modern society; explains how concepts and constructs of informatics are applied in the real world, about the role of information technology and automated devices in people’s lives, as well as in industry and scientific research; skills and abilities for safe and appropriate use of computers and internet networks, and the ability to observe the norms of communication, and operate ethically and within the law.


informatics, computer science, curriculum in informatics at secondary school.

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