OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS, 2016, Vol. 10 (special issue), pp. 41 - 54
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DOI: 10.15388/ioi.2016.special.06

Innovative Model of IT Education: The Digital Bridge “School-University”


Kazan Federal University
32 Universiade Village Street, Kazan, Russia
e-mail: covetnik1priem@mail.ru, ak@it.kfu.ru, timerbulat1987@mail.ru


There is a long standing tradition, the university graduates to get adequate training for a real-life job. Whereas only up to 10% of the graduates prefer to pursue an academic career, universities still keep teaching them to become academicians. In order to resolve this issue in 2010 Kazan Federal University and the Ministry of Telecommunication of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, created a new form of higher education in Information and Communication Technologies. They set up an institute within Kazan Federal University – the Higher Institute for Information Technology and Information Systems – to be a testbed for a well-known paradigm: «learning by doing» with a flavor of industrial participation in the process. In this paper we present a short overview of the model of higher education implemented in Kazan Federal University. The IT-Lyceum is a new kind of school based on a deep studying of informatics and mathematics in cooperation with university- IT education model “school-university”.


informatics, computer science, curriculum in informatics for secondary school, curriculum in computer science for university.

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