OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS, 2018, Vol. 12, pp. 167 - 176
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ISSN 1822-7732

DOI: 10.15388/ioi.2018.14

The Next Course of Study from 2022 and a History of the Subject “Informatics” in Japanese High Schools

Yoshiaki NAKANO1, Katsunobu IZUTSU2

1Kobe Municipal High School of Science and Technology, Japan
2Hokkaido University of Education, Japan
e-mail: info@nakano.ac, idutsu@gmail.com


In Japan, all senior high schools have had the subject “Informatics” since 2003. Before that, there were not any regular classes for informatics in Japanese senior high schools. Japanese Course of Study is revised approximately every ten years. The current one was implemented in 2013; the next one, published on March 2018, will be implemented in 2022. The authors outline the history as well as the prospect from 2022 on of the information studies education in Japanese senior high schools.


general subject “Informatics”, course of study, scientifc understanding of information.

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