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DOI: 10.15388/ioi.2019.08

Survey and Analysis of Computing Education at Japanese Universities: Subject of “Information” for High School Teacher’s License

Kazuhiro SUMI1, Mika OHTSUKI2, Tetsuro KAKESHITA2

1Faculty of Education, Saga University, 840-8502, Japan
2Faculty of Science and Engineering, Saga University, 840-8502, Saga, Japan
e-mail: sumik@cc.saga-u.ac.jp, mika@is.saga-u.ac.jp, kake@is.saga-u.ac.jp


We conducted the first national survey of computing education at Japanese universities in 2016. In this paper, we report the survey result of the computing education to obtain high school teacher’s license on IT. The survey covers various aspects of computing education including program organization, quality and quantity of educational achievement, students, teaching staff and computing environment. We collected 338 answers through the survey which cover 65% of the departments having teacher’s license course on IT. Many of the responded departments also provide computing education majored in computing discipline. Although 5,006 students are enrolled in the computing education for the license, only 369 students obtain the license since very few are employed at a high school. Most of the teacher’s license holders on computing subject also obtain high school teacher’s license of other subject in order to get a job as a high school teacher.


computing education, subject of information, high school, teacher’s license.

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