Report to General Assembly – Registration Fees

To finance the Office of the Executive Director, members of General Assembly in Turkey approved the payment of a registration fee of $200 per participating country. This was put into effect for the first time at this year’s IOI.

It was also agreed that countries who could not pay this fee would be able to apply for a reduction or waiver. Countries who wished to pay more were free to do so.

Of the 70 participating countries 61 paid the full amount, 8 were not able to do so and 1 was not liable for such payment (observer). The total amount raised to fund this office for the first year is therefore, $12200.

This funding will not enable the office of the Executive Director to fulfill all it’s obligations and the International Committee has agreed that a planned program of fundraising will be embarked on during the year ahead. There are very positive signs that a fundraising campaign could be successful. A detailed plan of action will be submitted to IC for consideration and approval.

As can be seen from the Budget, funding will be allocated to routine administration, production of material for use in a fundraising campaign and communication with all members of IOI. This will be almost exclusively by electronic means and a database (using that of IOI 2000) will be set up. In terms of the Regulations, regular reports will be prepared and a detailed activity report will be tabled at next year’s IOI.


Income from Subscriptions $12200



Exec Director fees $ 3600

Travel – IC Meeting Jan 2001 $1100

IOI / IC Meetings July 2001 $1100

Fundraising $2500 $ 4700

Administration Expenses

Stationery & Printing $ 300

Telephone & Communications Expenses $ 600 Office rental $ NIL $ 900

Marketing/Business Affairs $ 2500

Miscellaneous Expenses

Bank charges $ 150

Audit fees $ 200

Sundry expenses $ 150 $ 500

Total Expenses $ 12200