Minutes of General Assembly meetings held at IOI 2000, Beijing from 23 September to 30 September 2000

Present: Team leaders, Deputy Team leaders, members of the International Committee (IC), International Scientific Committee (ISC), IOI 2000 Scientific Committee, Members of the Organising Committee IOI 2000.

Meeting held on 24 September 2000.

  1. The Chairman of the International Committee, Gokturk Ucoluk, welcomed all to the meeting. He then handed the meeting over to Chairman of the Organising Committee, Zide Du and Prof Baolin Yin (Deputy Chairman of IOI 2000 Scientific Committee) who, on behalf of Prof Wu, explained what changes were being introduced in the competition this year. For the first time there would be a system of awarding 50 bonus points to each contestant on each of the competition days. There were no major changes and the rules had all been communicated to participating countries. Delegates expressed their satisfaction. Leaders were taken on a conducted tour of the Competition venue after the meeting.
  2. Tom Verhoeff, Chairman of ISC, drew attention to the fact that this was the first IOI at which the experiment of the ISC working closely with the Organising Committee SC had been tried. He commended the IOI 2000 team for their spirit of co-operation and believed the exercise would prove to be a success. He also drew attention to the Guidelines prepared by the ISC and emphasised they were not obligatory and merely recommendations to organising countries. He and his committee would welcome any input.
  3. The Chairman of IC sketched the background to the establishment of the Office of the Executive Director which had been approved in principle in Antalya,Turkey. At its meeting in April 2000 the committee had approved a recommendation to appoint Lionel Hartmann as the first incumbent. This decision was unanimously ratified by General Assembly.
  4. Meeting’s held on 25 and 27 September 2000.

  5. The IOI 2000 Scientific Committee tabled their sets of problems before Team leaders and Deputy leaders for consideration and acceptance. After discussion and some amendments the 6 problems were accepted. They were translated, where necessary, by Leaders and Deputies before being made available to all Contestants.
  6. Meeting held on 28 September 2000

  7. Chairman of the Organising Committee of IOI 2000, Zide Du, welcomed all present and handed the meeting over to Prof Baolin Yin (Deputy Chairman of IOI 2000 SC) who briefly explained how the objections had been handled. All objections, except for 2, had been finalised and the responses handed to Team leaders.
  8. He expressed his thanks to all who had been responsible for the setting of the tasks. He also expressed appreciation for the tremendous role played by the ISC. Thanks to the joint efforts of the ISC and his own team, the Olympiad had run smoothly.

    He then displayed a series of Bar charts showing the spread of scores received. In terms of the formula, General Assembly approved the following cut off points for the awarding of medals:

    Gold 23, Silver 70 and Bronze 139. The effect thereof was that 23 Gold, 47 Silver and 69 Bronze medals were awarded.

    Meeting held on 29 September 2000.

  9. Chairman of IC, Gokturk Ucoluk opened this final meeting of GA by expressing thanks and appreciation to Stanislaw Waligorski whose term as an elected member of IC had come to an end. His contribution over many years had made an invaluable contribution to the development of IOI.
  10. The Executive Director tabled a report (copy attached) for the year ahead, including a Budget, which was unanimously accepted by General Assembly. The budget was based on a total of $12200 received from the payment of Registration fees.
  11. The Chairman introduced a discussion on the issue of Registration fees for 2001. IC had recommended an increase of $100 (from $200 to $300) and this was approved by General Assembly. The Chairman expressed the intention of all concerned that future Registration Fees would be reduced or removed entirely, in the event of a planned fundraising campaign being successful.
  12. Amendments to the Regulations.
  13. 9.1 The procedures as set out in the Regulations for the Evaluation process did not comply with current

    practice and it was agreed that these would be redrafted and circulated to all members of GA by e-mail.

    A formal proposal would then be tabled at next year’s GA meeting.

    1. Item 5.5 of the Statutes. This clause to be reworded and to make provision for the procedures to be followed in the event of a Future Host withdrawing it’s intention to host an IOI. These to be treated as for 9.1 above.
    2. The changes arising out of the establishment of the Office of the Executive Director had been circulated earlier in the week and were approved without amendment by General Assembly. Copies of the Regulations, containing all the changes would be sent to the International Secretariat and would be available on the Website.
    3. Intellectual property rights. IC had discussed a proposal to cover IOI in the event of it wishing to publish the solutions of past, present and future contestants. A recommendation was tabled (copy attached). It was agreed that we need to establish what other Olympiads do and Tom Verhoeff and Lionel Hartmann would obtain this information.

10. Elections for ISC

Delegates voted by secret ballot to fill a vacancy on the ISC to replace Dr Mohammad Ghodsi, who retired, by rotation, in terms of the rules. The following candidates were nominated:

Daniel ,Kral – Czech Republic

Ian Munro – Canada

Ahto Truu – Estonia

The Election was monitored by Gokturk Ucoluk, Peter Hanak, Zide Du and Lionel Hartmann.

Ian Munro was duly elected.

The Chairman paid tribute to Dr Ghodsi and thanked him for his contribution to the ISC.

11. Elections - Elected Member of IC

Delegates voted by secret ballot to fill a vacancy on IC created by the retirement, in rotation, of an elected member -Stanislaw Waligorski of Poland. Nominations were received from Argentina, Bulgaria, Denmark, Lithuania, Netherlands and Romania.

Bulgaria (represented by Krassimir Manev) was duly elected for the period 2001/2/3.

The elections were monitored by Gokturk Ucoluk, Peter Hanak, Zide Du and Lionel Hartmann.

  1. General.
  2. 12.1 Germany proposed and Poland seconded a recommendation in respect of the procedure to be followed

    in selecting tasks. After discussion, it was agreed to refer the matter to the International Scientific

    Committee who would discuss it, circulate it to all participating countries and submit a formal

    proposal to GA in Finland. It was agreed that this matter would be placed on the Agenda for the first

    GA meeting in Finland.

    12.2 Cyprus submitted a proposal in respect of procedures to be followed in respect of elections for all

    positions at IOI. It was agreed that the Executive Director would draft a proposal for consideration by

    IC, before being circulated for approval.

  3. Closure.
  4. The Chairman thanked all for their participation and for the contribution made to the effective

    functioning of General Assembly. He paid tribute to Zide Du and his entire team for the outstanding IOI they had presented. It was one of the best ever and the thanks of all went to the many who had worked so hard to make it all happen. Zide Du as the new IC Chairman expressed his thanks for the opportunity to Chair the Organising Committee of IOI 2000.

    Special tribute was paid to Prof Wenhu Wu for his wise guidance at all times.

  5. The next meetings of General Assembly would be held in Tampere, Finland in July 2001.