Proposal for office of the President of the IOI


The International Committee (IC) of IOI 2004 discussed the proposal attached from Michael Cotter for the creation of the position of “President of the IOI.” The concept was approved by the IC.


The proposed change is welcomed but has implications that will affect many changes to the IOI regulations. The IC felt it was not practical or wise to make these necessary changes without further input from the GA and IOI community.


We therefore propose the following:


  1. The GA approves the concept of the Office of the President of IOI.


  1. The International committee will call for further input into the attached document to reach the Executive Director by not later than January 30th , 2005.


  1. All input received will be circulated to members of the IC for discussion at it’s next meeting in Nowy Sacz, Poland, April 20-24, 2005.


  1. The final recommendation for changes to regulations establishing the office of the President of the IOI will be posted on the web site and forwarded to all IOI members by not later than May 15, 2005.


  1. The final proposal will be presented at IOI 2005 for approval and implementation. Thus, if approved by the GA, we expect the first president of IOI to be elected at IOI 2005.


The IC appreciates the initiative of Michael Cotter and members of the GA for proposing the office of the President of the IOI. The IC commits itself to implementing this proposal in the best interest of IOI.



Don Piele

Chairman IOI 2004