IOI Technical Committee

The International Technical Committee (ITC), a long-term standing committee, works with each Host Country to ensure continuity and quality control of the IOI competition environment (hardware and software).

The ITC oversees the technical side of the contest: program development tools, evaluation software, hardware, networks and their security. It aims to monitor the advances in these fields, collect information relevant to the competition and develop new software if the available one is insufficient. It provides advice in technical matters to the IOI Scientific Committee and to the organizers of the present and future IOI's.

ITC predecessor, IOI Software Team was established at the GA Meeting on October 14, 1999, at IOI'99 in Antalya-Belek, Turkey. For that purpose, the IOI Regulations were amended.

At IOI'03 the organization for technical matters was changed, and an IOI Technical Working Group (ITWG) was defined. The ITWG is set up and supervised by, and it reports to, the ISC.

ITWG was run by:

ITC was established as an experiment at IOI2014 for one year. At IOI2015 this experiment was prolonged for one more year. At IOI2016 ITC became a long-term standing committee (as IC or ISC) and its status defined in the IOI Regulations.

Members of the ITC may not be members of a National Delegation. The ITC consists of seven voting members, all of them computer specialists with a background in Olympiad contest systems:

The current members of the ITC are:

Previous members of the IOI Technical Committee can be found here:


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