Former IOI Presidents

Professor of National Taiwan Normal University Greg Lee was elected at IOI 2017 as IOI President for a term of three years.
Greg Lee

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Professor of New Bulgarian University Krassimir Manev was elected at IOI 2014 as IOI President for a term of three years.
Krassimir Manev

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Postal Address:
Prof. Krassimir Manev
Department of informatics
New Bulgarian University
21, Montevideo str.
1618 Sofia, Bulgaria

Richard Forster was elected at IOI 2011 as IOI President for a term of three years.

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Postal Address:
Flat B
20 East Heath Road
Hampstead, London, England, NW3 1AJ
Phone: +07803 044 741
Richard Forster

President's Picture Arturo Cepeda was elected at IOI 2008 as IOI President for a term of three years.

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Postal Address:
Hda. de Coaxamalucan 145
Col. Hda. de Echegaray
Naucalpan, Mex.
Mexico, CP 53300
Phone: +52 55 53711100

President's Welcome Message

It is a great honor to welcome you to the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) official web site, in it you will find all kinds of materials collected about IOIs since 1989. Please use this visit to our webpage to improve your skills, enhance your spirit, get better knowledge and superior Informatics capabilities.

The International Olympiad in Informatics is an annual international informatics competition for individual contestants from various invited countries, accompanied by social and cultural programmes. In the scope of the IOI the concept Informatics means the domain that is also known as computer science, computing science and information technology, but not the domain known as computer engineering. The original idea of initiating the IOI was proposed to the 24th general conference of UNESCO by the Bulgarian delegate Professor Sendov in October 1987. UNESCO initiated and sponsored the first IOI, which was held in Pravetz, Bulgaria in 1989. The main objectives to be accomplished by the IOI are:

Each participating Country is represented by a National Delegation; all members of a National Delegation represent one Country. A National Delegation is headed by a Delegation Leader, includes a team of one to four Contestants and, if there is more than one Contestant, a Deputy Leader is allowed.

A Contestant is a student who was enrolled at a school for secondary education, in the Country they are representing, during the period September to December in the year before the IOI and is not older than twenty years on the 1st of July of the year of IOI.

It is firmly recommended that Contestants should have participated in a local, regional or national informatics competition in their Country as a pre-selection for the IOI, and that they belong to the winners of that competition.

Every year there is a Host Country which is responsible for the organization of the IOI that year, they are approved 4 years in advance and at this moment there will be Bulgaria 2009, Canada 2010, Thailand 2011 and Italy 2012. We hope you will be able to join us at those competitions.

If you belong to a Country that is not among the participants of the IOI, your Country has the right to attend the IOI as an Invited Observer. An Invited Observer is a representative of a Country that has not previously participated at the IOI and is bringing no contestants. New countries interested in participating at the IOI should contact the Executive Director.

In the IOI organization there are: The Scientific Committee (SC) of IOI is a temporary committee, which is appointed by the Host Country and is composed of experts in informatics and/or informatics education; The IOI Scientific Committee (ISC) is a long-term standing committee, which works with the SC of each Host Country to ensure continuity and quality control for IOI competitions. These two committees are in charge of the tasks, evaluation systems and quality of the competition. They own the experience of the last 20 IOIs and keep the IOI in harmony with the trends, Scientific Knowledge and advances of the Computer Science and Information Technologies. We are proud to have such bodies to support the IOI.

Every year during the IOI there is a short-term committee known as The General Assembly (GA) which is composed of the Delegation Leaders and the Deputy Leaders of all Participating Countries. The GA is the owner of the IOI and it is helped to run it by the International Committee (IC) which is a long-term standing committee. It consists of eleven voting members, all from different Participating Countries, plus a non-voting Executive Director.

To be an IOI Medalist Gold, Silver or Bronze will open the doors to get into the most prestigious industries and universities of the world, related with the Computer Science and Information Technologies.

Goals are like dreams, No one will follow, if you don't know where are you going
Arturo Cepeda
President of the IOI
President's Picture Zide Du (China) was elected by the GA of IOI 2005 as IOI President for a term of three years.

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Postal Address: PO Box 2704, Beijing 100080, China
Address: 6 Kexueyuan Nanlu, Beijing 100080, China
Phone: +86 10 6252 7486
Fax: +86 10 6252 7485