Organization of the IOI

The following outlines the organization of the International Olympiad in Informatics.


The President provides leadership for the IOI.

The Office and Secretary of the IOI provides service for the administration and development of the IOI.

The Treasurer administers the financial needs of the IOI.

The Chairman is charged with organizing the IOI in their designated year in their respective country.

Chairmen of the IOI:

Name Country Year   Name Country Year   Name Country Year
Prof. Dr. Peter Kenderov Bulgaria 1989   Dr. Gokturk Ucoluk Turkey 1999   Krassimir Manev Bulgaria 2009
Academician Nikolay Krasovsky Soviet Union 1990   Prof. Zide Du China 2000   Prof. Troy Vasiga Canada 2010
Prof. George Philokyprou Greece 1991   Mr. Jari Koivisto Finland 2001   Kanchit Malaivongs Thailand 2011
Mr. Peter Heyderhoff Germany 1992   Prof. Ha-Jine Kimn Korea 2002   Prof. Giuseppe Colosio Italy 2012
Dr. Alicia Bunuelos Argentina 1993   Prof. Don Piele USA 2003   Peter Taylor Australia 2013
Mr. Yngve Lindberg Sweden 1994   Dr. Spyros Bakogiannis Greece 2004   Prof. Greg Lee Taiwan 2014
Mr. Ries Kock Netherlands 1995   Prof. Krzysztof Diks Poland 2005   Prof. Bakhyt Matkarimov Kazakhstan 2015
Dr. Péter Hanák Hungary 1996   Mr. Arturo Cepeda Mexico 2006   Dr. Vladimir Kiryukhin Russian Federation 2016
Mr. Lionel Hartmann South Africa 1997   Mr. Ivo Separovic Croatia 2007   Mohammad Ali Abam Iran 2017
Prof. Alexandre Cerveira Portugal 1998   Dr. Mohammed Youssef Egypt 2008   Mr. Kazuo Furukawa Japan 2018


The General Assembly (GA) is the owner of the IOI.

The International Committee (IC) is charged with overseeing the organization of the IOI.

The IOI Scientific Committee (ISC) is charged with overseeing the competitions at the IOI.

The IOI Technical Committee (ITC) is charged with overseeing the competition environment and grading system at IOI.