The twelfth conference "OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS" (Tsukuba, Japan, September 3, 2018)

This is the twelfth OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS conference organized during the IOI2018 in Tsukuba, Japan.

The conference focus is in research problems of the national and international informatics contests, and offers an opportunity to bring together the accumulated knowledge and experiences from a number of events on teaching algorithms and programming.

All papers are published in the journal OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS (Vol. 12).


September 3, 2018

09.05-09.10  Valentina Dagiene. Opening. 12th year of IOI conference. 
09.10-10.20  Tim Bell. Computer Science in K-12 Education: The Big Picture.
10.20-10.40  Hiroki Manabe, Seiichi Tani, Susumu Kanemune, Yoshiki Manabe. Creating the Original Bebras Tasks by High School Students.
10.40-11.00  Willem van der Vegt. How Hard Will this Task Be? Developments in Analyzing and Predicting Question Difficulty in the Bebras Challenge
11.20-11.40  Yasuichi Nakayama , Yoshiki Nakano, Yasushi Kuno, Ben Tsutom Wada, Hiroyasu Kakuda, Masami Hagiya, Katsuhiko Kakehi. Current Situation of Teachers of Informatics at High Schools in Japan.
11.40-12.00  Matt Fontaine. Tidal Flow: A Fast and Teachable Maximum Flow Algorithm.
12.00-12.20  Mile Jovanov, Marija Mihova, Bojan Kostadinov, Emil Stankov. New Approach for Comparison of Countries’ Achievements in Science Olympiads.
12.20-12.40  Bojan Kostadinov, Mile Jovanov, Emil Stankov. Platform for Analysing and Encouraging Student Activity on Contest and E-learning Systems.
12.40-13.00  Nadia Amaroli, Giorgio Audrito, Liugi Laura. Fostering Informatics Education through Teams Olympiad.
13.00-13.15  Michal Anderle. PRASK – an Algorithmic Competition for Middle Schoolers in Slovakia.
13.15-13.30  Pavel S. Pankov, Azret A. Kenzhaliev. Combinatorial Property of Sets of Boxes in Multidimensional Euclidean Spaces and Theorems in Olympiad Tasks
13.30-13.45  Marina Tsvetkova, Vladimir Kiryukhin. International School in Informatics “Junior” for IOI Training. Presented by Krassimir Manev.
13.45-14.00  David Ginat. Algorithmic Cognition and Pencil-Paper Tasks.