The thirteenth conference "OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS" (Baku, Azerbaijan, August 6, 2019)

This is the thirteen OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS conference organized during the IOI2019 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The conference focus is in research problems of the national and international informatics contests, and offers an opportunity to bring together the accumulated knowledge and experiences from a number of events on teaching algorithms and programming.

All papers are published in the journal OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS (Vol. 13).


August 6, 2019

09.10-09.20  Valentina DAGIENE and Mile JOVANOV. Opening.
09.20-09.40  Sébastien COMBÉFIS, Guillaume DE MOFFARTS TLCS, Mile JOVANOV. A Digital Library with Resources to Teach and Learn Computer 
09.40-10.00  Maya TAKI, Ammar ALNAHHAS. Kids Programming Marathon: A step toward Better Social Awareness of Computer Science Education
10.00-10.20  David GINAT. On Secondary Tools of the Algorithmic Problem Solving Toolbox
10.20-10.40  Tom VERHOEFF. Programming, Software Development, Computer Science. (Presented by Wolfgang Pohl)
10.40-11.00  Yahya TABESH, SHAYA Zarkesh, AMIR Zarkesh, ILAHA Fazilova. Computational Thinking in K-12: Azerbaijan Experience
11.20-11.40  Mykhailo MEDVEDIEV. The use of E-olymp Internet portal in programming competitions
11.40-12.00  Panayiotis ERACLEUS, PAVLOS Pavlikas, ADAMOS Tofari, ANDRONIKOS Charalampous. Cyprus Olympiad in Informatics
12.00-12.20  Kian MIRJALALI, Amir Keivan MOHTASHAMI, Mohammad ROGHANI, Hamid ZARRABI-ZADEH. TPS (Task Preparation System): A Tool for Developing Tasks in Programming Contests
12.20-12.40  Willem van der VEGT, Eljakim SCHRIJVERS. Looking back at a Bebras contest: composition and analysis
12.40-13.00  Adil ALIYEV and Araz YUSUBOV. Bebras in Azerbaijan
13.00-13.20  Marina S. TSVETKOVA, Vladimir M. KIRYUKHIN. Digital curator

14.30-16.30  Workshop for teachers on solving a Bebras task on Computational Thinking (Eljakim SCHRIJVERS and Valentina DAGIENE