Agenda of the second conference "OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS" (Cairo, Egypt, August 18 and 20, 2008)
Theme: "Tasks and Training"

The first OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS conference was organized during IOI2007 in Zagreb and put attention on organizing olympiads at the national level. The second conference took place during the IOI2008 in Cairo. The national olympiads do not exist in isolation, and the papers in the inaugural conference showed how similar problems arise in different environments, and illustrated some of the solutions that both identify and distinguish the community. This conference concentrates on training and task types, and many of the ideas and experiences are drawn from the national olympiads. There are common trends here and, we hope, useful discussions for both the national and international level. That the national olympiads exist in a wider community is also true of the international olympiads. We are delighted, for this second conference, to have an invited paper discussing an international topic outside of the IOI. This is intended to be the start of a trend, both for invited papers and for a widening of the contributors and audience for the conference.

All papers are published in the journal OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS.


August 18, 2008
10.00-10.30	Opening
10.30-11.00	M. Revilla (Spain). Competitive Learning in Informatics: The UVa Online Judge Experience
11.00-11.30	B. A. Burton (Australia), M. Hiron (France). Creating Informatics Olympiad Tasks: Exploring the Black Art
11.30-11.45	P. Ribeiro, P. Guerreiro (Portugal). Early Introduction of Competitive Programming
12.00-12.30	K. Diks, M. Kubica, J. Radoszewski, K. Stencel (Poland). A Proposal for a Task Preparation Process
12.30-12.45	A. Chargueraud, M. Hiron (France). Teaching Algorithmics for Informatics Olympiads: The French Method
12.45-13.00	E. Cerchez, M. I. Andreica (Romania). Romanian National Olympiads in Informatics
13.00-13.15	E. Kelevedjiev, Z. Dzhenkova (Bulgaria). Tasks and Training the Younger Beginners for Informatics competitions
13.15-13.30	P. Pankov (Kyrgyzstan). Naturalness in Tasks for Olympiads in Informatics

August 20, 2008
10.00-10.30	K. Manev (Bulgaria). Tasks on Graphs
10.30-11.00	B. Merry, M. Gallotta, C. Hultquist (South Africa). Challenges in Running a Computer Olympiad in South Africa
11.00-11.15	W. Pohl (Germany). Manual Grading in an Informatics Contest
11.15-11.30	B. A. Burton (Australia). Breaking the Routine: Events to Complement Informatics Olympiad Training
11.30-12.45	S. Tani, E. Moriya (Japan). Japanese Olympiad in Informatics
12.00-12.15	A. Truu, H. Ivanov (Estonia). On Using Testing-related Tasks on the IOI
12.15-12.45	T. Vasiga, G. Cormack, G. Kemkes, (Canada). What Do Olympiad Tasks Measure?
12.45-13.00	T. Verhoeff (The Netherlands). Programming Task Packages: Peach Exchange Format
13.00-13.30	Discussion