The forth conference "OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS" (Waterloo, Canada, August 17 and 19, 2010)

This is the forth OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS conference organized during the IOI2010 in Waterloo, Canada.

All papers are published in the journal OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS.


17 August, 2010
10.00-10.15	Opening
10.15-10.45	Benjamin A. Burton (Australia). Encouraging algorithmic thinking without a computer
10.45-11.15	Marcin Kubica, Jakub Radoszewski (Poland). Algorithms without programming
11.15-11.45	Marina Tsvetkova (Russia). The Olympiad in Informatics as a part of the state program of school informatization in Russia
12.15-12.30	Vladimir M. Kiryukhin (Russia). Influence of the State School Education Standard on results of performance of the Russian pupils on the IOI
12.30-13.00	Vladimir M. Kiryukhin, Marina Tsvetkova (Russia). Strategy of IСT skills teachers and Olympiad Informatics coaches development
13.00-13.15	David Ginat, Ela Zur, Tamar Benaya (Israel). International Olympiads in Informatics – Israeli team selection and training
13.15-13.30	Pavel S. Pankov (Kyrgyzstan). Real processes as sources for tasks in Informatics

19 August, 2010
10.00-10.30	Tom Verhoeff (The Netherlands). An enticing environment for programming
10.30-10.45	Krassimir Manev, Biserka Yovcheva, Milko Yankov, Peter Perov (Bulgaria). Testing of programs with random generated test cases
10.45-11.00	Bruce Merry (UK) Performance analysis of sandboxes for reactive tasks
11.00-11.30	Hong Wang, Baolin Yin, Rujia Liu, Wenbin Tang, Weidong Hu (China). Selection mechanism and task creation of Chinese National Olympiad in Informatics
11.30-11.45	Ilham W. Kurnia, Brian Marshal (Indonesia). Indonesian Olympiad in Informatics
12.15-12.30	Tocho Tochev, Tsvetan Bogdanov (Bulgaria). Validating the security and stability of the grader for a programming contest system
12.30-12.45	Wolfgang Pohl, et. all. About IOI workshop in Dagstuhl, 16-19 May 2010
12.45-13.30	Discussion

            Willem van der Vegt (The Netherlands). Task of the year contest