The sixth conference "OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS" (Montichiari, Italy, September 25 and 27, 2012)

This is the sixth OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS conference organized during the IOI2012 in Montichiari, Italy.

All papers are published in the journal OLYMPIADS IN INFORMATICS.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012
10.00-10.30	G. AUDRITO, G.B. DEMO, E. GIOVANNETTI. The role of contests in changing informatics education: a local view
10.30-10.45	F. ALMEIDA, V. BLANCO PÉREZ et al. An experience on the organization of the first Spanish parallel programming contest
10.45-11.00	F. DOGBEY. Learning computer programming as an extra curriculum activity, the challenges
11.00-11.30	V. BOŽA, M. FORIŠEK. FCL-STL, a generics-based template library for FreePascal
12.00-12.15	A. ILIC, A. ILIC. IOI Training and Serbian competitions in informatics
12.15-12.45	S. HALIM, Z.C. KOH, V.B.H. LOH, F. HALIM. Learning algorithms with unified and interactive web-based visualization
12.45-13.00	J.R. JANALIEVA. Conducting off-line informatics olympiads with individual tasks
13.00-13.30	M. HIRON, L. FÉVRIER. A Self-paced learning platform to teach programming and algorithms
13.30-13.45	E. KELEVEDJIEV, Z. DZHENKOVA. Competitions’ tasks in informatics for the “pre-master” group of school students
13.45-14.00	P.S. PANKOV, K.A. BARYSHNIKOV. Tasks of a priori unbounded complexity

Thursday, September 27, 2012
10.00-10.30	D. GINAT. Insight tasks for examing student illuminations
10.30-10.45	W. van der VEGT. Theoretical tasks on algorithms; two small examples
10.45-11.00	S. MAGGIOLO, G. MASCELLANI. Introducing CMS: a contest management system
11.00-11.30	M. MAREŠ, B. BLACKHAM. A new contest sandbox
12.00-12.15	E. ZUR, T. BENAYA, O. BECKER, D. GINAT. Israel: The regional competition and teacher involvement
12.15-12.30	J. URBANČIČ, M. TRAMPUŠ. Putka – a web application in support of computer programming education
12.30-13.00	S. COMBÉFIS, V. le CLÉMENT de SAINT-MARCQ. Teaching programming and algorithm design with Pythia, a web-based learning platform
13.00-14.00	Panel discussion on Teaching and Learning Informatics for school (each 4-5 min.)
	Ahto Truu. Estonia to teach programming in schools from age 6
	Margot Phillipps. Teaching CS in New Zealand
	Kanchit Malaivongs. CS at high schools in Thailand
	Seiichi Tani. CS Unplugged in Japan
	Noel Kalicharan. About Teaching CS in Trinidad & Tobago
	Mile Jovanov. Informatics in Macedonian schools: the Upgrade
	Wolfgang Pohl. CS competitions: Do they fit modern CS high school curricula? Should they?