National Olympiads in Informatics'

Below are listed countries that participated in previous IOIs. Many of these countries organize a national olympiad in informatics, which help train and select pupils for participation in the IOI. There are also numerous other informatics competitions.

If a country appears without link in the list below, this does not mean that there is no national informatics competition. However, it may be harder to get in touch with the organizers. One place to try is the Ministry of Education, because they receive the official invitation to participate at the IOI, and they are most likely to know about a national informatics competition. Another place to look is at the list of delegation leaders of a recent IOI. Finally, you could send a request to the appropriate IOI mailing list.

(ISO Alpha-3/IOC Code: Country name)

If you want to supply or correct information, then please Contact Us. The most important information to include is: name(s) & contact information for organizing institute(s), contact person(s), (e-mail) addresses & phone numbers, URLs, some historic information, organization: number of rounds/locations, participation: number of pupils reached, a few of your olympiad problems (translated into English).

Of course, it would be even better if national representatives start their own WWW page for their country's national informatics olympiad. In that case, please provide me with the URL.