Dear Friends,

In order to make a tradition that the recently elected IOI President presents to the community her/his vision for the future development of the Olympiad I'm sending this message.

I deeply regret to start my expose with the sad news - the death of our respected colleague, long time member of the IC of IOI and Chairman of IOI'2003, prof. Donald (Don) Piele. He was coach of the team of USA for IOI since 1992 to 2005 and creator of USACO - the training concept that has many followers nowadays. The community will never forget the contribution of Don. We have to keep the memory of all of colleagues that dedicated part of their lives to the Olympiad, because we are a family.

The passing away of Don, and linked with it letter of the President Zide Du to me, as well as some observations of mine from the recent years, led my thoughts to the fundamental problem of the "generation conflict" (or "generation gap"). There is no doubt that we have a brilliant new generation in IOI - bright young professionals, most of them ex-contestants. They are our proof that the Olympiad is something valuable and our hope that it will continue to exist. But it is important to stress also that the innovations and experiments, inevitable and typical for the young generation, have to be done carefully, to pass through the experience of the elder generations. We are obliged to turn the "generation gap" into a constructive force and to make the Olympiad better and better.

Another problem that I'm strongly concerned with is the lack of teachers in Informatics all over the world and the corresponding absence of the subject in the curricula of secondary schools. I'm happy to understand that last year the IC of IOI decided to dedicate the annual seminar to training teachers. Otherwise, I should to propose the same. The IOI community is obliged to turn the attention of the responsible governmental institutions all over the world to the fact that Informatics nowadays is as fundamental a discipline as Mother Language and Mathematics and has to be taught in each stage of the regular schools.

There are, for sure, many other problems that have to be solved and I hope we will solve them together.

With this I would like to wish to all of you a successful year and to meet in Almaty!

Sincerely yours - Krassimir Manev, President of IOI