Dear Colleagues and Friends,


It is with my great honor to serve on the IC as the President of the IOI for the next three years. My first time serving on the IC was mainly a learning process as Taiwan prepared to host IOI in 2014. This time around, I hope to pass valuable experiences to the upcoming and future hosts, to engage hardware sponsors for consistent competition experience, and most importantly, to expand the social responsibility of the IOI community in Informatics Education around the world.


The three upcoming IOIs will be hosted by Japan (2018), Azerbaijan (2019), and Singapore (2020), all hosting for the first time. Besides the main competition, an important aspect of coming to an IOI is to learn about the culture of the host country. I am most eager, as many of you are, to experience the culture of the upcoming host countries.


Also, for the first time, IOI will have a hardware sponsor for the upcoming IOIs. MoU has been signed with Acer to sponsor the competition related hardware for five IOIs. I look forward to work with the HTCs and the ITC to take advantage of the sponsorship to enhance the competition experience for all. I also would like to encourage any country wishing to take advantage of the sponsorship in hosting IOI to contact the ED for more details.


Finally, my participation in the IOI has enabled me to elevate importance of informatics education in my country. As such, I think we as a community can do more for informatics education around the world. I have a few initiatives in mind and would welcome educators among us to work together to foster learning of informatics for all.


With this I wish you all the best.


Sincerely yours
Greg Lee, President of the IOI


Greg Lee