IOI 2002: Emblem & Character

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IOI-2002 logo symbolizes `the land of morning calm where the sun rises', representing the oriental image. The circle in the middle has the same color scheme, red and blue, as the national flag of Korea, "T'aeguʡkki", and it represents a sunrise. The wave, symbolizing information exchanges all over the world, represents `global network'.

Slogan: 'Informatics for Digital World'
This motto means that we have to regard the information science as important in our daily lives in order to prepare ourselves and survive in an information-oriented society.


Comduri (A compound of `computer' and `duri' meaning together in Korean) represents the youth in an information-oriented society with bright prospects. It has the same color scheme as the Olympic flag and represents International Science Olympiad.

Mouse of "Hahoe T'al"(The Mask of Andong Province)
Through its material, it represents the International Olympiad in Informatics itself.
The big smile of this mouse of "Hahoe T'al", the typical mask of Andong in Korea, shows the festive atmosphere of IOI-2002.