IOI 2011


Level 1
Turn 0 / TOO MANY cameraman
Your Time 0 Secs
Your Best Time - Secs
How to Play...
  1. Drag camaramen from the base to take a photos
  2. If elephant is in photos it will smile.
  3. Each turn, only when there are minimum number of cameramen and all elephants are in photos, next turn shall begin : some elephant moves.
  4. Finish 20 turns to finish the game. Yay!
Your Task
Each turn some elephant moves. Take photos of all elephants by bringing a minimum number of cameramen and guide them to suitable positions. Do it as fast as possible.
Competitors' Task
Calculate minimum number of cameramen needed in every turn, in 9 seconds. However, there are up to 100,000 elephants and 100,000 turns.