Final Report
International Olympiad in Informatics
1992 Bonn / Germany


Peter Heyderhoff (Editor),
Hans-Werner Hein,
Fritz Krückeberg,
Günther Miklitz,
Peter Widmayer

Table of Contents

1. The IOI'92
1.1 History and Aims [Hey]
1.2 Governmental Support [Hey]
1.3 Sponsors [Hey]
1.4 International Organisations [Hey]
1.5 National Organisations [Krü]
The Supporters
The National Competition
The National Committee
1.6 The Scientific Structure [Hey]
The International Jury
The Scientific Committee
The Coordinating Committee
1.7 The Organisational Structure [Hey]
Convention office
1.8 Main Organisational Tasks [Mik]
Financial Management
Personnel Management
Hosting of Teams and Guests
Information Brochures
Graphic Design
Rooms and Equipment
1.9 Preparational Events
Meetings of the National Committee [Krü]
Meeting of the International Committee [Hey]
Meetings of the Scientific Committee [Hein]
Youth Meeting with the President [Hey]
1.10 Carrying out the IOI
The Invitation [Hey]
The Arrival Day [Hey]
Opening Ceremony [Hey]
Opening Speeches
Press Conference
Meetings of the International Jury [Wid]
Meetings of the Coordinating Committee [Hein]
The Competition Days [Hey]
Cultural Activities [Mik]
Prize Giving Ceremony [Hey]
Closing Speeches
Press Conference [Krü]
1.11 Views and Echos [Krü]
View to Argentina (IOI'93)
Echos from the world

2. International Committee [Hey]
2.1 Its History and Composition
2.2 Meeting and Decisions

3. Regulations [Hey]
3.1 Main Regulations
3.2 Arbitration and Evaluation Rules
3.3 Regulations for the Organisation
3.4 The Online Documentation System
3.5 Evaluation Schedule

4. Problems and Solutions [Hein]
4.0 The Submitted Problems
4.1 The Proposed Problems
4.2 The First Selected Problem
4.3 The Second Selected Problem

5. Final Results and Statistics [Hey]
5.1 Participation
5.2 Training Reports
5.3 Medals and Nations
5.4 The Twelve Most Successful Teams
5.5 The Winners

6. Program of the IOI'92 [Hey]

7. Participants [Hey]
7.1 Participating Countries
7.2 Represented Institutions
7.3 Participating People
Students Adresses
Adresses of Teamleaders
Accompanying Persons

8. Members of Committees [Hey]
8.1 International Jury
8.2 International Committee
8.3 National Committee
8.4 Scientific Committee
8.5 Coordinating Committee
8.6 Organizing Committee
8.7 Technical Committee
8.8 Reception Committee

Code of Authors:

The Place of the IOI'92: Schloß Birlinghoven

The German National Research Centre for Informatics and Information Technology (GMD)

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The Convention Hotel of the IOI'92

Gustav Stresemann Institut, Bonn

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The IOI Nations of the World

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