Volume 10 (2016)

Foreword (1-2)
J. Alemany Flos, J. Vilella Vilahur.
eSeeCode: Creating a Computer Language from Teaching Experiences (3-18)
R. Castro, N. Lehmann, J. Pérez and B. Subercaseaux.
Wavelet Trees for Competitive Programming (19-37)
S. Combéfis, G. Beresnevičius, V. Dagienė.
Learning Programming through Games and Contests: Overview, Characterisation and Discussion (39-60)
Á. Erdősné Németh, L. Zsakó.
The Place of the Dynamic Programming Concept in the Progression of Contestants' Thinking (61-72)
S. Grütter, D. Graf, B. Schmid.
Watch them Fight! Creativity Task Tournaments of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics (73-85)
J. I. Gunawan.
Understanding Unsolvable Problem (87-98)
J. Hromkovič.
Homo Informaticus - Why Computer Science Fundamentals are an Unavoidable Part of Human Culture and How to Teach Them (99-109)
J. Hromkovič, T. Kohn, D. Komm, and G. Serafini.
Examples of Algorithmic Thinking in Programming Education (111-124)
M. Kabátová, I. Kalaš, M. Tomcsányiová
Programming in Slovak Primary Schools (125-159)
E. Kalinicenko, M. Opmanis.
Collecting, Processing and Maintaining IOI Statistics (161-176)
A. Karczmarz, J. Łacki, A. Polak, J. Radoszewski and J. O. Wojtaszczyk.
Distributed Tasks: Introducing Distributed Computing to Programming Competitions (177-194)
M.M.I. Liem.
Reshaping Indonesian Students Training for IOI (195-205)
W. Di Luigi, G. Farina, L. Laura, U. Nanni, M. Temperini and L. Versari.
oii-web: an Interactive Online Programming Contest Training System (207-222)
W. van der Vegt.
Bridging the Gap Between Bebras and Olympiad; Experiences from the Netherlands (223-230)
T. Verhoeff.
Problem Solving, Presenting, and Programming: A Matter of Giving and Taking (231-235)


M. Dolinsky.
Gomel Training School for Olympiads in Informatics (237-247)
V. Dumanyan, A. Andreasyan.
Armenia: IOI Participation and National Olympiads in Informatics (249-254)
A. Gremalschi, A. Prisacaru, S. Corlat.
Olympiads of Informatics in Republic of Moldova (255-262)
A. Iglikov, M. Kytybayev, B. Matkarimov.
IOI 2015 Report (263-278)
A. Khuder, D. Tsedevsuren.
The Informatics Olympiad in Mongolia: Training resources for non-English speaking students (279-283)
I. Kirynovich, A. Tolstsikau.
Belarusian Olympiad in Informatics (285_290)

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