Proposed Rewritten IOI Regulations Available for Review

Dr Richard Forster and members of the International Committee have been involved in a lengthy and very thorough rewrite of the IOI Statutes, Explications and Appendices of IOI. These amended files are now available in PDF and Postscript, at the following website: These files are also available through the Korean IOI homepage.

It is vitally important that you study these documents and post your recommendations/comments/inputs. Upon receipt they will be studied by ourselves and a response forwarded to you. We do not have time available at General Assembly at IOI to go into lenghty debates regarding these matters and this will assist us in finalising the matter. I want to emphasise that the entire process is in line with what has been approved by GA and the International Committee.

  1. We intend to vote and approve these Regulations at the first GA of the IOI.
  2. Comments and Questions should be sent directly to Richard Forster at with a cc to me at These will be compiled and any issues raised will be responded to.
  3. There is a two page "guide" which can be found at the end of the Regulations. This should be read first.
  4. These Regulations represent work that has been ongoing since January 2001 (Finland IC) and have been regularly discussed (and where appropriate approved) at IC meetings.
Please note that all inputs and comments should reach Richard and myself by NOT LATER than by Friday 2nd August 2002.

Lionel Hartmann

Executive Director - IOI