IOI Regulations - Appendices


  1. Preamble (MISSING)
  2. Definitions (MISSING)
  3. Objectives and Means (MISSING)
  4. Office Bearers and Tasks
  5. Host Nomination and Selection (MISSING)
  6. Responsibilities of Present Host
  7. Competition, Judging and Awards (MISSING)
  8. Revisions of the Regulations (MISSING)

Section 4: Office Bearers and Tasks


The election procedure in the GA for the delegated representatives of three Countries to the IC is:


The International Secretariat of the IOI can be found at URL:

The materials at the IOI Secretariat will include (items marked as a filled circle are available, items marked open circle are not (yet) available):

In some Countries there is no Ministry of Education. Meant are those Ministries that are in charge for education.

Section 6: Responsibilities of Present Host


The Present Host is obliged to prepare Guidelines for the organization, a plan suited for the local situation of IOI'n, for the production, organization, timetables and distribution of information of:

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