IOI'96 - Minor Revision


Hereby we present the renewed Regulations for the IOI. They were accepted in Pravetz (Bulgaria, 1989), and then adopted in Minsk (Belarus, Soviet Union 1990), Athens (Greece, 1991), Bonn (Germany, 1992), Mendoza (Argentina, 1993), and Stockholm (Sweden, 1994).

The Regulations were revised by a working committee which was established on the Meeting of the International Committee in October 1994 in Eindhoven, and then approved during IOI'95 in Eindhoven (The Netherlands, June 1995).

Minor corrections were made on the Meeting of the International Committee in January 1996. The Regulations will again be submitted for approval during IOI'96 in Veszprém (Hungary, July 1996).

The Working Committee:

Péter Hanák (Hungary),
Peter Waker and Per Stilborg (South Africa)
and Ard Hartsuijker, Ries Kock, Tom Verhoeff (The Netherlands)

The International Committee thanks Tom Verhoeff for the excellent job he has done in extending and restructuring the original document. The English of the text has been revised by Per Stilborg. Finally, the chart depicting the structure of the various official IOI bodies has been added by Péter Hanák.

Motivations for Revision of the IOI Regulations

The Regulations before 1995 did not sufficiently capture the intentions for the IOI preparation and execution. This might hinder the organization of future IOIs and a broadening of the scope of the IOI.

The renewed Regulations were approved during IOI'95 in Eindhoven. In this last major revision the Regulations have been split into: Statutes, Explications, Appendices and Organizing Rules.

The Statutes describe the general form of the IOI, the role of the various official IOI bodies, the procedures to organize an IOI in a certain year, the competition itself, and the responsibilities of the Host.

The Explications present the motivation for the form and contents of the Regulations. They describe the motivation for the various official IOI bodies.

The Appendices describe details of procedures and responsibilities where needed.

The Organizing Rules are internal documents of the Host of an IOI in a certain year. They are usually written in the native language of the host country, and change year by year. These Rulese are not available here.

The improvements in the Regulations are based on reports, discussions, and personal experience at previous IOIs, and a comparison with the Regulations of the International Mathematics Olympiad, the Statutes of the International Physics Olympiad, and to a lesser extent the Regulations of the International Chemistry Olympiad and the International Biology Olympiad.

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